Read through our frequently asked questions about the Young Pioneers for Sustainability Program. From registration, materials and content, to the benefits of getting certified and more.

  1. How long will the program take?

    The program consists of four courses. Each course contains a video, reading material and a final quiz. Each course takes about 15 – 30 minutes on average.

  2. Is there a time limit or maximum number of tries on the course quizzes?

    There is no time limit or maximum number of attempts on the quiz. However, once you begin, we recommend completing the quiz as soon as possible to avoid page reloads and losing your progress. 

  3. How will I receive my certificate? Are there any fees upon collection?

    Digital certificates are issued after the completion of each course. Once all four courses are completed, students can collect physical certificates from the BEEAH Headquarters on Al Dhaid  Road, Sharjah, for a fee of AED 55. The certificate is printed, certified and ready for collection within 10 days of completing the program.

  4. How will becoming a certified Young Pioneer of Sustainability help me?

    Through the program, students gain knowledge that will be useful for all future endeavors  within the environmental sustainability field and otherwise. Sustainability has been, and still is, a key concept for a better future and touches every aspect of our daily lives. Additionally, being certified in this program gives students an upper hand in having knowledge and credibility in the sustainability field.

     Learn more on our About page.

  5. I finished two out of four courses. Will I still receive a certificate?

    You receive a digital certificate for each course you complete. However, you will not be eligible for the Young Pioneers for Sustainability certificate until all four courses are completed. 

  6. I enjoyed the course and I would like to explore these topics deeper. What other programs do you offer?

    For more advanced courses, you can visit IEMS Academy, BEEAH Education’s flagship venture with hundreds of courses for aspiring professionals in the sustainability sector. You can also email us at enquiry email with details on your topics of interest and your school. Depending on feasibility, we can explore working with your teachers to introduce more advanced courses for you and your classmates.

  7. Can I complete the program in person?

    Currently, the Young Pioneers for Sustainability program is completely virtual. Aligned with BEEAH Group’s mission of being committed to reimagining a sustainable future and pushing its limits with the help of technology. The Young Pioneers for Sustainability would like to honor that commitment by carrying the programs virtually.

  8. What topics will be covered during the program?

    The program’s four courses are designed to give you a holistic understanding of sustainability. The first course will introduce the concept of the circular economy. The second will dive into the Sustainability Development Goals. The third course will cover issues relating directly with the environment. Finally, the fourth course will highlight the pressing issue of climate change.

  9. Can I download the videos to share with my friends and teachers?

    You are encouraged to share links of the Young Pioneers for Sustainability website, where any user can register and access course material for free. However, for copyright reasons, it is not allowed to download or replicate this content outside the portal and website.